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 We're on the job. 
 Securing your needs 
 in Philadelphia 

Your peace of mind at an affordable price.

Morrsville Security Solutions provides security solutions for residents, employers, employees and communities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Our management team has many years of in-depth security experience and has a reputation for excellence and trust.  We provide the maximum services in the security and protection industry.  Enclosed you will find our information about our company and we would like to see if you’re in need of our services.






[ Armed & Unarmed ]


We provide trained armed and unarmed guards who are experienced professionals committed to maintaining your property, asset and business safety and security.

Our security guards are licensed, vetted and insured, so that you can trust that your security matter is in good hands with us.

[ Fire Watch Security ]


Fire watch security is essential for businesses, commercial, and residential areas (apartments, buildings) to minimize the risk of fire outbreaks.

Hire top-notch fire watch security for your property. Our fire-watch guards prevent fire hazards in your buildings and construction sites, also making sure you comply with local fire-watch guidelines.

[ Mobile Patrol ]


Hire efficient mobile patrol security services for residential and commercial properties. We make sure to check for safety hazards, trespassers, and remove them from the site promptly. You'll get maximum protection from every danger. We keep a keen eye on the safety of your property and the people you care for.

[ Event Security ]


Get a fool-proof security team to make sure your event goes smoothly.

Our skilled security guards are here

to secure your parties, promotional events, corporate meetings, and entertainment venues.

[ Commercial Security ]


Hire our skilled security guards in Philadelphia that will closely monitor your property and give you thorough reports daily. We have security guards especially trained and specialized in crime-prevention techniques to protect commercial buildings, offices, retail shops or malls from any danger.

[ Construction Sites ]


Get 24/7 security services from one of the most trustworthy security guard providers for your construction sites. Our construction site security guards are watchful for suspicious activities and are trained to take action promptly. We protect your construction site, reduce liability, and minimize delays.

Our company has used Morrsville Security Solutions for many years. The guards are professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone needing security service.

Morrsville Security Solutions continue to provide outstanding services!  Their Security Officers continue to go above and beyond to protect our personnel, customers, visitors and our assets.  Outstanding job to all!!!

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